Saturday, February 6, 2010

Our very own Black Beauty....Ragi Roti

Our former Prime minister, H.D. Deve Gowda had popularized Ragi Mudde in Delhi during his tenure . In Karnataka, many other Ragi/finger millet based like dishes Ragi Dosa, Ragi hurittu, Ragi Rotti are commonly prepared. Ragi is a staple of this region.It is a good source of dietary fibre, calcium & iron. Ragi is quite filling & keeps you going for a longer time.
This roti uses multi grain flour & veggies, so one can consider it as health food.


Ragi flour - 1 1/2 cup
Rice flour - 1/2 cup
Wheat flour - 1/4 cup
oil - 2-3 tsps
Onion - finely chopped, 1 cup
Green chillies - 2 tsps , finely chopped
Coriander chopped - 1/4 cup
Carrot - 1 cup , grated
Cucumber - 1 cup , grated
Cooked Rice - 1/2 cup, mashed well
Hot Water - as required


  • Mix together the grated onions, carrots, cucumber, green chillies, salt, oil, coriander, mashed rice, in a bowl .
  • Mix all the flours together. Mix the vegetables and the flours.
  • Pour in the hot water little by little & mix the dough , till everything comes together.
  • To make the roti, you can use Wax coated paper or any paper like the Teflon sheet, which is heat resistant.
  • Grease the paper , With wet hands take a handful of dough & press into a roti, which is slightly thick, with a hole in the center.
  • Transfer this roti on to a hot griddle , the roti side down, press lightly on the paper & peel off the paper carefully after a minute.
  • Drizzle a tsp of oil around the roti & a little oil on the roti & cook till the 1st side is done. Flip over & cook the 2nd side too.
  • Serve this Roti hot with any chutney / a blob of butter/ curds.

Any other vegetables like grated beet root /finely chopped cabbage etc can be incorporated into the roti to make it more nutritious.

Sending this to Divya's , Wholegrain Event.

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  1. Dear Jayashree, lol…I like the description “Black Beauty”. Not just beautiful, she is also a khazana or a treasure-house of health and nutrition. My doc recommends it for children, adults and also a healthy change that the diabetics can add to their sometimes boring diet charts! I like your suggestion of adding grated beetroot or cabbage thereby making it more colorful and nutritional. It is surely a wholesome meal by itself.