Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Dosala karam is onion chutney in a sense for spreading on the dosa. It is typically a Andhra speciality & something to die for. It is also a very common street food which is available in many a bylanes of Andhra towns & is an irresistable urge to any self respecting local to dig into a Karam dosa ( especially the ones which are made with ghee ) when hunger pangs strike.

It is made more interesting with many varieties of spice powders ( podi ) that are dusted on the chutney spread. Poppula podi ( Roasted gram spice powder ) is one of the more common ones. The accompaniments with the chutney are pretty versatile & can be customised according to personal preferances . Like for eg Alu masala ( of the the masala dosa fame) also goes well with this karam. Or any other spice powder that you have on hand. There are many a versions in the preparation of the Karam also . I'll share a version which is prepared by my mother.

You will need,

Ingredients :

Roughly chopped onions - 2 1/2 cups
Roasted Gram Dhal - 250gms
grated copra - 85 gms
Soaked tamarind- 20 gms
Red chilly powder - 25 gms
Jaggery powdered - 20 gms
salt -25 gms

Method :

Powder all the dry items first, tip in the onions & tamarind & use the pulse button of the blender a few times for very short durations. A little water is added to get chutney consistency. It is better to have the onions only lightly crushed to get a spreadable consistency.

This karam is spread on the dosa after the 2nd side is cooked. Spread the karam, dribble some oil/ghee , roast well & serve hot.

The photo quality is not much to speak off as I am learning the ropes of the game.

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