Monday, December 27, 2010

Carrot Flowers with Cucumber Leaves

I've been fascinated with the vegetable carving for sometime now. But as I don't keep in touch with this art regularly, I'll need a few warming up exercises before I produce something presentable. These flowers can be carved with Beetroot / turnips / Raddish / Knol Khol etc.
The only tool required is - a Carving Knife and of course loads of patients and concentration.
Nayna's event has inspired me to turn out these beauties.

Sending this to the Create n carve Event.


  1. cool blog , I read at Chris's pressed flower blog you were wanting to learn more about pressing. I have a blog for that
    Search for words like 'making presses" there are 4 styles I think?
    Come by, ask questions , I will be glad to help.Peace and happy pressing.

  2. Jayshree if u r in india u can get it done by any carpenter in ur area.I am sure of where they are sold as i got done by a carpenter near by house and same with my mom.....

  3. Nice... have to try my hand at vegetable flowers one day!

  4. Very creative designs.
    1st time visitor and a follower too.

  5. Wow,you have such an artistic hands,really talented and looks so professional !Great job!!

  6. really a nice artistic work.....amazing!!